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Our doors are open to those seeking a relationship with our God.  Since 1860 Blue Lick Christian has been striving to follow Christ in every way.  Our members constitute a loving family of Christ who seek to share His Word with others.

We welcome you to join us at Blue Lick Christian Church.

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16113 Memphis Blue Lick Road - Henryville, IN  47126
[God’s] righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.

- Romans 3:22 

Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

- John 8:12 (NRSV)

History of Blue Lick Christian Church
Following a protracted meeting of several weeks with Brothers John and Moses Scott, who were the first preachers of the "Disciples", "Reformers", "Christians" the first church was started of this faith in Blue Lick, Indiana.

The first meeting house was in the original Gum Log Liberty Radical, Methodist Protestant structure which was located on the Salem-Charlestown Road about 500 feet southeast of the Borden (Providence) Road intersection.  This church has been described as a large barnlike structure with large double front doors, with four little windows of 6x8 inch glass panes.  The preacher thundered at his hearers from a pulpit that placed his feet nearly at a level with the heads of his hearers when they were standing.  Many powerful sermons were preached and many souls were brought to Christ.  They were baptized in the Blue Lick Creek.

The old church building was in a very run down condition and so on December 4, 1867 one-half acre was purchased from Henry and Barbara Bollinger for $40. This Deed read "To The BlueLick Christian Church, Dec. 4, 1867"

                                                                                         Original Members
Marcenia Cleveland, Nancy Cleveland, John Swagert, Malinda Swagert, Elisha Rose, Melvina Rose, Nelson Brooks, George Huckleberry, Louisa Huckleberry, John Rose, James Rose, Solomon Rose, Norman Hosea, Janette Hosea, John L. Thomas, 1848, Elvira Thomas, 187, Elzina Rose, Sarah Dietz, Nathan Brooks, Alexander Justice, Frances Carter, Electa Brooks, Sarah Carter, Elizabeth Brooks, Elizabeth Hosea, Mary Hosea, Matthew Clegg, Patrick McGlade, Martha Justice, Melvina A. Rose, Guy C. Guernsey, 1848, Sarah T. Guernsey, 1848, Rebecca Miller, Francis Rose, Sarah Rose.  

All above are listed as of 1860 or before.

It is to be noted that the only thing still remaining of OLD Blue Lick of a century ago is the Blue Lick Christian Church.  God's power, not man power, is seen here.  May this congregation continue in the future to uphold their faith of an unchanging CHRIST in this rapidly changing world.  So be proud of the heritage of pioneer ancestors who, though poor in what we would call early goods, were very rich in Christian Love.  Our prayer is to be forgiven wherein we have failed in the past -"for we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God".  Our hope is to make this second Century for Christ at Blue Lick even greater as we rededicate our lives to His service.
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*Taken from Centuries for Christ 100th Anniversary  Blue Lick Christian Church